My Perfect Nude Lip Combo

IMG_4107.JPG IMG_4108.JPG

I have been loving this combo for my perfect nude lip for a couple of years now. Don’t get me wrong I have a few nude Lipsticks but none of them even compare – I guess I am trying to search for that one lipstick that does it all, think I must admit I am a bit rubbish at picking a nude lipstick for myself, they always appear different in the shop. ūüė¶

As I have a darker skin tone I find that the rose/pink/beige tones suit me more. So to get to the point my perfect nude lip combo is the Milani Colour Statement Lipstick in Nude Crème (26) and the Urban Decay Glide on Lip Pencil in Manic.

I only own one Milani lipstick as living in the UK these are hard to find, although I think Beauty Bay now stock some of their products. The first time I got this lipstick was when I was in Florida and I used and loved it to death, my friends then went to New York and kindly got me another! (Total heros) It is such a creamy formula and feels so moisturising, and the shade is a pink/rose, and it smells like watermelon,  I belive these lipsticks are around $5.00 so a real bargain.

The Urban Decay Lip Pencil is more of a dusky rose colour, and is very pigmented and creamy, is applies really well. These pencils retail at £13.50. I got mine from Debenhams.

IMG_4109.JPG IMG_4118.JPG

I generally apply the lipliner first by outlining ¬†as normal, I then fill in the outer corners with the lip pencil to give a sort of ombre effect, filling in the lip with the lipstick. I love this nude lip combo, it lasts as well. Just hoping that these products are never discontinued and someone I know is viting the US again soon! ūüôā

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Victoria Beckham for Estee Lauder (VB-Boutique) Bronzer and Lipstick Review

img_4096 img_4091

Hello everyone, I cant explain how excited I am about reviewing the new launch of the Victoria Beckham products I purchased from Estee Lauder. My parcel arrived yesterday and it’s safe to say I nearly swiped the postman’s hand off (I may have even squealed a little bit)

I purchased the bronzer in Java Sun and one of the lipsticks in Chilean Sunset. I would have loved the whole collection but the bank said no! They are very pricey and a real treat, however I can see why. I am a huge fan of VB and EL for that matter and when I heard about this collection coming out I knew it would be amazing. I love VB’s style and think she gets it right every single time. And these products are no exception they are just beautiful quality products and I cannot wait to use them.

As you can see above they were presented and packaged immaculately, in a very chic branded black magnetic box.

Bronzer – Java Sun

IMG_4097.JPG img_4100

This bronzer is matt – I think I’ve said this before but I¬†always go for a matt bronzer, I think it looks way more natural, and prefer any ‘glitz’ to come from my highlight. The packaging is just stunning, the casing is quite heavy, with gold hardware with a black (i think it is leather??) stripe texture cover¬†– I don’t think this is going to get ruined in your handbag, time will tell. It has a good-sized mirror which is also branded with VB and EL’s name. The clasp also has a really nice ‘snap’ so this isn’t going to open in your bag and get ruined (she says). The product itself when I swatched this is really soft, it feels very finely milled and my finger picked up quite a lot of the product – I think it’s quite hard to see this in my pic as I’m quite tanned anyway but I know when I have my foundation/concealer on this is going to be the perfect bronzer for me. The colour is very golden which I think is going to look amazing paired with the Chilean Sunset Lipstick. The bronzer is priced at ¬£48.00 (ouch!)

Lipstick – Chilean sunset

IMG_4099.JPG IMG_4098.JPG

What a beautiful name for a lipstick! does anyone else obsess over lipstick names?! Again this lipstick is matt and extremely pigmented – the swatch is two swipes of the bullet. I’ll be honest the size of this is small as in the casing is very petit, I have another EL lipstick which is standard size so a bit confused about this (especially because of how much I cost!) the casing is in line with EL’s gold stripe texture with a pull off lid, it is also branded with VB on the top of the lid. The product itself is so nice it swatched so easily and I really¬†think it will¬†be long-lasting as I could barely rub this off my arm and it’s still very much stained. The shade is an orange/red and vibrant but not tacky, which is perfect for me, This lipstick retails at ¬£36.00 *feels sick


So to conclude if you can get these I don’t think you will be disappointed!

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Outfit of the day (OOTD) Date Night


Hello everyone, It’s been a busy week to say the least! Work, home and Uni its been manic. So being Friday my husband came home from work and said, get ready we are going out for a meal .. (YES! WINE!) we hardly ever get to go out as we are such home bodies, but we both needed a break.

What to wear?? Id purchased a few things in the sales which I have been really impressed with this year.


I chose a black top which was from River Island, it¬†has three-quarter length sleeves, the main material is jersey with a lace Bardot/ wide neck style neck line. This top is so comfy and I wasn’t adjusting this all night. I love it, this will go with Jeans, skirts and trousers a good all-rounder I think.

My trousers are from Zara, and I am obsessed with these, they are a gorgeous mustard colour with an elasticated drawstring waistband and are tapered at the bottom, I turned the hem up a couple of times as it looked better with the shoes. I love coloured trousers I think they are a real statement item for your wardrobe. Ill also be able to wear these in the autumn

My shoes are from Primark and were in the sale for £6.00. I love them! they are quite a high heel which I like but wont be doing mile long walks in them! they are really well made, peep toe with a wrap around the ankle tie. I think they look really classy. Definitely my fave purchase in the sales.

My leopard print clutch is from Dorothy Perkins, I love this bag it goes with everything, and has the pony skin fur effect on the print side. I can fit loads in this bag.

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I got myself some Muji Makeup storage!


Hey everyone, So as you can tell from the title I finally purchased some storage containers for my make-up, and I’m so excited! I know it’s just a clear acylic box but I love them.

I have wanted these ever since I saw them I think on season two of KUWTK, bit cringe but I just thought it looked so freekin tidy and you can see all of the gorgeousness that is your make-up collection.

Seriously they have a storage solution for everything, I got mine about a month ago and paid about £60.00 for the lot, they are pricey but I am justifying it, as my poor make-up has been shoved in the most unorganised way in drawers for years getting damaged and lost.


I have only just taken these out of the box as I have been having a massive re-organisation of clothes, storage and beauty products. I love a good clear out, it really clears my mind ..and has made loads more room.


So I got a 3 draw box, a 2 draw box, 2 x smaller 2 drawer boxes, a lipstick holder, and a pot which I can stack pencils, mascara’s¬†and odd pieces that I dont know what to do with!


To be honest it’s still not organised how I exactly want it but thats only because some of the packaging of my make-up is too big or I have too much and it all dont fit in. But I have managed to fit in the essentials and my fave products that I go to all the time.

The quality of the cases is great, they are really sturdy and dont think these are going to collapse on me any time soon, wont be adding any more yet though as I literally dont have the room.


I believe they pretty much ship items worldwide, so they did take quite a few days to arrive which didnt bother me as I knew it would be a few weeks before I could finally use them, if you would like to check out what they have you can do here.

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Morphe Brushes Candy Apple Red Brush Set


Hi Everyone, welcome back. So I haven’t purchased any new make-up brushes for a while and thought Id have a look on Beauty Bay as I was really wanted to try some Morphe brushes as I had heard so many good things!

Scrolling through the pages I thought it would be more cost effective to buy a set, and I kid you not this set is priced at £11.95 ..for 8 full size brushes!! how good is that.

When they arrived I was really impressed, the quality is really good – especially the last 4 eye brushes, I cannot wait to use these, I’m thinking I may use this as my travel brush kit as it already comes in a travel wallet (really good quality btw) and there is a brush for everything Ill need.

What brushes are included?

  • Tapered powder brush
  • Tapered blush brush
  • Flat foundation brush
  • Oval fluff brush
  • Chisel fluff brush
  • Pointed crease brush (I died when I saw this – my fave)
  • Angle liner brush
  • Bent liner brush

This would be a great set to pick up and save as a gift for someone for Christmas, as it has that lovely holiday red colour!

Link to brushes in sub heading.

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My Holiday Coconut Beauty Product Haul



Hello everyone, I haven’t blogged for almost a week as I have been super busy with work but even though my blog is relatively new I was missing it! I’ve had this post in mind for a while so I’m happy that it’s finally up.

I am off to Mauritius and Dubai in six weeks time as my little sister is getting married! We will only be away for 10 days but want to make the most of a summer beauty regime whilst being away as Autumn is round the corner people!

As you can see from the pics (that flipping coconut was a nightmare to crack open) and title I have purchased everything for my holiday with a coconut scent. Yes I literally want to smell of raw coconut for 10 days solid, I find it is the most tropical, summer, fresh scent around and I am obsessed with it.

I have never tried any of these products, but when they arrived I was like a hound dog making sure they had that sweet exotic coconut scent I was looking for. They do ūüôā

So for hair I got the OXG Nourishing + Coconut milk shampoo and conditioner, they were ¬£6.99 each from Boots. They contain Coconut milk, Coconut Oil and whipped egg white proteins (yuk!) …which are supposed to help add strength, elasticity and hydration to the hair – which I will need being in the sun all day, the scent of the conditioner is stronger than the shampoo and I may comb this through my hair when wet to really work in, almost like a treatment. Actually can any of you recommend a coconut hair treatment or leave in conditioner?

For shower I got the Original Source Coconut and Shea butter which was ¬£2.30 from Boots.¬†According to the bottle it took 7,872 tropical hrs to make this shower gel, which initially made me feel a bit guilty for only paying ¬£2.30, …surely that’s not hrs¬†for producing one bottle!? Anyway I also love that this product is vegan it’s 100% natural fragrance, with natural moisturisers, it’s a recyclable bottle (word for saving the planet) and the best bit tested on humans, that’s right; leave the fur babies alone! ūüôā it smells lush btw.

My first thought for body butter and Scrub was the body shop, they do fab range of coconut products however I made a bit of a mistake with this order on line as I ordered the mini sizes, ugh! I should have realised this as I think I paid ¬£3.50 for each one. It stresses me out that I can hardly make it into town, I literally live in a digital world. The coconut body butter looks really thick and creamy, not going to lie I have a feeling it’s gonna take a lot of work which I am not looking forward to in that heat. The coconut body scrub is to smooth and refine skin which is great for beach holidays, I’m hoping exfoliating my skin gives it a glow, it’s also made with cold-pressed virgin coconut oil from Samoa, Polynesia…oooooh fancy.

The final product I got again from boots is the Kind Natured moisturising Coconut oil lip balm, and that was ¬£3.49. I must admit I didn’t think this one through and¬†I’m having second thoughts about using this during the day on holiday, do I really want to be putting an¬†oil based product with no SPF on my mouth when it’s a 1000 degrees outside? Nope. Think I may save this for the evenings. I really like the look of this brand and it is the first time I have seen it, they had some great products to choose from, Ill try this one first see how I like it, Its a 15mil squeezy tube and applicator looks like a lip gloss one. It is 97% natural and free from Sulphates, Parabens and Petrochemicals (I have no clue what that is, but it sounds scary)

I’m really looking forward to using all of these products, yes I have gone completely overboard with this scent, I’m hoping they live up to my expectations, I will be sure to let you know.

Whilst I’m on this post, I’m thinking of vlogging this trip in Mauritius and Dubai, what do you think? would you be interested in seeing the hotels, the wedding!, food, airports, comment below??

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Clarins Lotus Face Oil | Review


Hello Everyone, it’s that time of night for me to remove my face (you know what I mean :)) and start my night facial routine, which got me thinking I really need to review this product as it is ah-mazing.

It’s the Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil; I have been using this for some time, I’m on my second bottle;¬†but for so long I was looking for something to rehydrate, keep spots away, and give my skin that fresh plump healthy look. I always felt my skin looked dull, yes I need to drink more water …yawn! But¬†I spent a small fortune and tried lots of products that were a bit ‘meh’ until¬†my BFF¬†who is equally obsessed with cosmetics and skin care recommended this.

I have oily/combination skin and I did question that she wanted me to put oil on my already oily skin and spend ¬£32 for pleasure. And I am so so glad I did. This oil is targeted for oily/combination skin and is supposed to rebalance, tighten pores and refine the texture of the skin, it is also made with 100% plant extracts; so free from any of the nasties. The scent of this is like a spa; it is strong but it’s so relaxing! The bottle is 30ml and the dispenser is a glass¬†pipette so feels like a luxury product.


So before I use this I cleanse twice, and tone – I don’t use an eye treatment or moisturiser with this, as I personally don’t feel I need to. I only use two or three drops and then apply to my face, avoiding the eye area – can you imagine getting plant extract oil in your eye, no thanks so I’m careful with this ūüôā the first time I used this I looked in the mirror and looked like a massive oil slick! and thought I’m going to wake up tomorrow with a million spots! ..or worse.

I could not have been more wrong, I woke to the most supple, hydrated, soft skin with not a trace of oil, it was like magic! I felt the difference was dramatic, I was so happy not to mention relieved! My make-up always applies like a dream the morning after using this. And it works like this every time I use it which is 2-3 times a week. Annoyingly I also suffer from those hormonal cystic spots once a month; you know the ones that scream with pain usually on my chin or forehead, and I rub some of this oil into it and it does seem to sooth it quicker.

I love this oil, don’t ever discontinue this Clarins thank you, please!!


Barry M Molten Metals Nail Paint With Swatches


Hi everyone, I have seen a lot of metallic cosmetics around at the moment,¬†I love anything metallic¬†and have a tendency to jump on a bandwagon, so when I was browsing the nail polishes and saw these nail paints by Barry M they definitely caught my eye. I couldn’t decide which one to get, but seeing them priced at ¬£3.99 each (bargain)¬†I thought what the heck I’ll get them all – they are all so pretty. I am a huge fan of Barry M nail paints, they do so many cool colours and I have a lot in my nail polish collection, and seem to reach for them more than any of the others.

There are 4 colours in this range called Molten Metal, and each of the bottles have a funky glitter lid. The brush is easy use and applies the nail paint evenly. I did find the consistency of the polish quite thin and the swatches below are with 3 coats, so you can either get a subtle glittery finish or top it up for a more dramatic look (dramatic every time for me!) ūüėČ they do have a shiny finish¬†but I always add a clear¬†top coat; more so to make them last¬†longer (the swatch pics below are just the nail paints).¬†I think these¬†are¬†perfect for day and night and will go with anything, once I’ve painted my nails I’m going to have a look through my costume jewellery and see what rings I have for ultimate glam hands! …Barry M describe these nail paints perfectly¬†when they say they¬†are a ¬†chrome effect with a mirror-shine foil finish.

Bronze Bae


Bronze Bae is definitely my favourite after¬†testing them all, it is a rose-bronze shade which will suit all skin tones and has a real classy look, imagine this with matching eyeshadow! ugh…gorge!

Silver Lining


I love this one, fab if you are wearing silver accecories – and id probably match this one if I was wearing black/white and a red lip.

Copper Mine


This one is a beaut! and I love the name, copper is a popular colour right now so with this one you will definately be on trend. I think you definately need the 3 coats with Copper Mine to do it justice.

Gold Digger


This one is so shiny, and such a delicate colour gold, probably the most subtle of the 4 but equally as beautiful.

All links to products in titles.

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Faux Face Freckles Trend and The Real Thing

Hi everyone, wanted to do a bit of chatty blog today – give the cosmetics a rest (literally) and talk about Face Freckles. I’ve noted recently there has been a trend with faux freckles being drawn on which initially had me baffled, but after some thought have had a change of heart.

I have real face freckles – not loads; a scattering over my nose and cheeks and then some random ones, I hardly noticed these at all when I was younger, I never got bullied or teased for these, but as I got older, more and more people started to comment on them, probably because they were more prominent¬†– all nice and complimentary, but this then made me aware that they were on my face and I started thinking if this was¬†the first thing people saw when they looked at me, and the comments made me self-conscious, nothing serious but I was now aware¬†– you can’t win can you,!¬†So I started purchasing full coverage foundations to give me that flawless look¬†to cover them up (Why?!), I also noticed if I went on holiday and was in the sun they would get worse, but by the end of the holiday I would be that tanned they were hardly noticeable which was fine.

My Freckles  (this is way too close!):


In reality there was no need for me to do this¬†and I’m now at the stage where I figured¬†I am not bothered one bit about my freckles; they are part of me and I actually quite like them now, I think they make you look youthful! And being¬†in my 30’s that’s a bonus; but in addition I have to be careful with foundation, so I tend to go for something sheer (ish)¬†or a tinted moisturiser during the day¬†so my skin still shows through but I cover¬†the usual¬†with a good concealer.

So this trend with people now drawing them on in various ways,¬†there are even tutorials on how to do this.¬†I think Topshop even do a Freckle pencil (ha!) I have read quite a few mixed reviews on this trend and some are against this for various reasons. Okay, but surely it’s just a bit of fun right? it’s only makeup!¬†I quite like¬†the idea of this, and make up is supposed to be used for creativity. I’ve seen some really good looks where the freckles actually look real, carry on I say, if anything it gives those who are self-conscious about their natural freckles a boost!

have you got real freckles? what do you think about faux freckles?

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Sleek Makeup Haul


Sleek has been a brand which I have purchased from since they launched; they make quality makeup at affordable prices which is a winner for me. Sleek always appear to be very creative with their products with a wide range of colours, and a solution for everything makeup related! and this haul is no exception, I just couldn’t stop putting things in my basket and I’m obsessed with it all…….

Cream Contour Kit


How amazing is the invention of contour! And oddly this is my first proper cream contour kit, I have a couple of powder contours but I needed something more. This kit is ¬£10.99. So with this you get 6 shades, and a large mirror inside,¬†the¬†case is the standard black casing¬†Sleek use for most of their palette’s.¬†According to the instructions this is what they are for:

  • Shade 1 (top left) is a brightening shade for under the eyes
  • Shade 2 (top middle) Centre of forehead, bridge of nose, cupids bow and chin
  • Shade 3 (top right) top of cheekbones
  • Shade 4 (bottom left) down each side of the nose
  • Shade 5 (Bottom middle) Top of forehead and temples
  • Shade 6 (Bottom right) hollows of the cheeks from ear to corner of mouth

Phew! I’m so glad I just wrote that out, guaranteed I will lose the leaflet. ugh! So something for the whole face then, I’m not sure if Id use it all at the same time but looking forward to playing makeup with this. I should also mention Sleek do these kits in 3 shades, light, medium, dark. I chose the dark one as I am darker skin toned and also love my fake tan!

Precious metals highlighting palette

Processed with MOLDIV

Oh lord, this is just stunning, this would definitely not be out of place with the high end products, the casing is smoky ¬†mirrored with a mirror inside you wont be short of a reflection with this one that’s for sure!, it’s also magnetic giving it that extra special feel. and 4 highlighting shades. again this is what each are for:

  • Step 1 (top left) Platinum for under the brow bone
  • Step 2 (top right) Antique bronze tops of cheeks
  • Step 3 (bottom left) Royal gold bridge of nose
  • Step 4 (bottom right) Renaissance gold for cupids bow

They are of a cream consistency so will probably use my finger tips for this. This product again comes in 3 shades, Precious metals, Solstice, and Midas touch. definitely check this one out !.

I-Divine Eye Shadow Pallet in Enchanted Forest


I have a couple of the sleek eye shadow pallet’s and I think this one has been out a while. They are amazing value at ¬£8.99¬†and the pigmentation of the actual shadows is insane! Ill be honest this one sucked me in for the name alone, seriously I’m a marketers dream, anything shiny with a good name and Ill buy it. I was so excited for this to arrive and when I started reading the names of the shadows I was like …Hang on! these are all related to Cinderella, which I get now why they called the pallet Enchanted Forest..uh! ..¬†I need to share the names as I love it so much, so you get: Glass Slipper, Fairy Godmother, Pumpkin, Anastasia, Beatrice, Grand Duke, Prince Charming, Daphne, Perla, Drizella, Happily Ever After, and Lady Tremaine. …I know right!!. Be still my beating heart ūüôā They are all wearable with a mix of shimmer and matt shadows. I think this would be fab for a night out, and great for Autumn.

Barekissed Illuminator in Pompeii


So I have already tested this on my hand and it is beautiful and smells amazing it¬†comes in a glass bottle and has a pump dispenser and is ¬£8.99 for 30ml – it’s a bargain! Its very shimmery and can be used on cheeks and brow bones and also on the body for that summer glow I am always desperate for. This can also be mixed with foundation which I will probably do for a daytime look. I don’t think you can ever have enough highlighters and would definitely recommend this one.

Candy Tint Lip Balm in Cherry Drop


I seem to be going a bit crazy for Lip Balms at the moment, and so happy I have this one to add to my collection. The price is ¬£6.49¬†which I think is¬†fair. It’s a¬†sheer lip balm but with a cherry tint, it’s really comfortable to wear without being sticky and has a very glossy finish. It also feels very moisturising, and Sleek advise it contains JoJoba Oil, and Vitamins A, E and C which I like as it makes it feel more than just cosmetic.

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