MAC Tendertalk lipbalm


This little treasure arrived yesterday through the letter box, and I say treasure as I will be devastated if this is ever discontinued. My first impression was how pretty the casing is, it’s like chrome with an iridescent effect; so different from the usual black bullet MAC use for their lipsticks. A plus also being that at least it will be easier to find!…

I believe MAC have 5 different colours in this range, and with it being the summer season I went for the coral – official name ‘pretty me up’. They cost £15.50 which is pricey for a lip balm. When you swatch this on your hand there is very little pigment but a lovely sheen, until that is you put it on your lips you can definitely notice the colour more. The consistency is perfect its very creamy and feels like its nourishing and moisturising, everything you need in a lip balm. Its not sticky either. Ill definitely be purchasing other colours, and this one has definitely made the cut to my makeup bag.

P x


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