Celebrating at the Savoy London

Hello! So last week it was my husband’s and my 10 year wedding anniversary. As it was a bit of a milestone we decided to celebrate in style. So we hopped on the train and made for London, we were off to the Savoy! I don’t think we could have chosen anywhere more perfect. I didn’t really know much about the Savoy, but Kevin had done his research and booked us up. From the moment we pulled up and our door was opened I knew I was somewhere special. The check in process is quite formal – you are seated at a desk in an opulent room – I don’t know why but I felt nervous and was definitely watching my manners. We then were escorted to our room by the lady at check in with a mini tour of the hotel included en route. We also noted that all staff always say good morning/afternoon whenever you pass them ..without fail they really do make you feel special. We had booked a King room and it was beautiful, the only thing I would say is the bath is huge and I was just floating around – you cant get a grip of anything so not very relaxing. The bed is also huge probably one of the best nights sleep I’ve had. Everywhere you look is glamorous luxury, the chandeliers the flowers even the uniforms – no expense is spared. We had planned a trip that evening to see Wicked at the Apollo theatre (AMAZING) when we returned our room had been cleaned, rose petals were everywhere and a side of chocolate cake put out for us, bless them. Sooo fast forward to breakfast in the Thames foyer tea room, so regretted putting my converse on ugh! it was just beautiful. I’m gutted I wasn’t hungry but had few too many the night before in the Savoy American bar, so went for an English breakfast tea, the waitress advised it was tea that was not available anywhere else in the world so of course I said yes please, it was served in silver tea ware and was the best cup of tea I have ever had, I cant believe I’m actually talking about a cup of tea but it was that good  – seriously I felt like the queen! If you get the chance, go! I cannot imagine this place ever getting a bad review 🙂

P x





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