Freedom Topshop Earrings

I just popped into Topshop as I needed some new costume jewellery; especially earrings, I am rubbish at looking after them and always end up with odd ones – if this became a fashion Id be winning 🙂

So browsing through the Freedom section I saw these:….


Fell in love immediately, and a purchase I didn’t have to umm and ahh over especially when I saw the price …£12.50 for 16 pairs of earrings!! I must have counted them 20 times thinking this cant be right.. I also get student discount so I paid £11.25 – almost didn’t ask as they were such a bargain.

They are a mix of different shapes and I also like that there is a choice of gold and silver metals, and also some with stones. And they are of good quality, I love the chain ones in the bottom right hand corner.

There is something for every occasion here, I can see me struggling to choose which ones to wear, they are all gorge!

Hopefully these ones will last me a while.

P x






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