July Favourites 2016

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July has been a good month for products that I have been enjoying, maybe its something to do with the sunnier weather we have been experiencing and I’ve felt more inspired to actually use what I have or purchase something new to try with a summer feel.

Gucci Bamboo


Love this! This perfume is beautiful, I did expect this to be the case though before I had even tested it. Gucci’s advertising campaign for this is what initially drew me to the product – they just get it right. It’s a very sophisticated scent which definitely has a base note of sandalwood which I always go for in a perfume. Although the scent is quite strong; at the same time it is also very feminine. The bottle itself is very classy with angled shaped smoked glass and a silver bamboo style lid, it looks so elegant on display. I also found unlike a lot of other perfumes this one has a good lasting scent therefore perfect for a special night out when there is no room in your bag for a bottle of perfume! It completes the ‘getting ready’ process perfectly; Every time I wear this perfume, someone always comments.  I don’t often re-purchase perfumes as I like to change it up, but I will definitely repurchase this.

Herbal Essences Naked Daily Clean Shampoo


This has definitely been a favourite throughout July – lets be honest a lot of us purchase a shampoo based on the smell. I am guilty of this with this one – it’s white strawberry and mint…Mine! (luckily) It just so happens it also does what I need it to do. My hair type is fine with greasy roots and dry ends…nice! it’s a constant battle and having long hair this shampoo is gentle enough so I can wash it every other day. This smells amazing and think it is my second fave scented shampoo for my hair – first being coconut 🙂 This shampoo is refreshing and leaves it so clean and with volume which is what I want.  It is suitable to use everyday and isn’t going to create build up which drags hair down leaving it lank. Nice one HE.

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses


I went on holiday at the start of July and wanted to treat myself to a decent pair of sunglasses that were not going to go off trend. I had always liked the aviator style and find these suit my oval face shape the best, and who does aviators better than Ray-Ban?! I bought these online from Next and do not regret one penny on buying these. They are the black Retro Aviators with gold hardware, and have the tortoise shell brown bar above the lenses that give them an edgier look. The case is a simple tan clasp wallet that is a great size for a smaller hand bag. They are quite light weight and gave  me a shield for my eyes from the sun that I was looking for. They also give the perfect stylish finish to any outfit.

Palmolive Naturals Pampering Shower Milk


This is the second bottle purchased throughout July, I own quite a few shower gels but just keep reaching for this one. The best part is each time I have purchase this I’ve paid £1 …major bargain in my opinion. It has such clean fresh, soapy scent which is really refreshing and definitely wakes you up. I use this on a shower puff and it lathers really well, which I wasn’t expecting with it being a shower milk – I may go overboard with the amount I use, but I like to use a thick layer as a shaving product for my legs, and it does not leave my skin with that dry tight feeling after. Love this!

Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille Souffle Body Crème

LM Cream.jpg

I purchased this product last November with some vouchers I received for my birthday and literally have been scared to use it because of how much it cost! £45. It has been constantly staring at me since then so as soon as we started getting some nice weather I decided why not. oh.my.days. It’s gorgeous. I love the cute jar it comes in, and with a screw cap lid it will definitely stay ‘fresh’. The Crème itself is pure luxury, the scent is to die for, it’s almost like a fresh pastry crossed with perfume scent and for some reason it works. I have never used anything like it before. It’s not overly thick and it does take a bit of working into the skin but it’s so worth it. This will definitely only be an annual purchase because of the cost but don’t think I could ever not own this!

Thank you for visiting and reading this blog hope you enjoyed it!

Links to all products in the titles.

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