Sleek Makeup Haul


Sleek has been a brand which I have purchased from since they launched; they make quality makeup at affordable prices which is a winner for me. Sleek always appear to be very creative with their products with a wide range of colours, and a solution for everything makeup related! and this haul is no exception, I just couldn’t stop putting things in my basket and I’m obsessed with it all…….

Cream Contour Kit


How amazing is the invention of contour! And oddly this is my first proper cream contour kit, I have a couple of powder contours but I needed something more. This kit is £10.99. So with this you get 6 shades, and a large mirror inside, the case is the standard black casing Sleek use for most of their palette’s. According to the instructions this is what they are for:

  • Shade 1 (top left) is a brightening shade for under the eyes
  • Shade 2 (top middle) Centre of forehead, bridge of nose, cupids bow and chin
  • Shade 3 (top right) top of cheekbones
  • Shade 4 (bottom left) down each side of the nose
  • Shade 5 (Bottom middle) Top of forehead and temples
  • Shade 6 (Bottom right) hollows of the cheeks from ear to corner of mouth

Phew! I’m so glad I just wrote that out, guaranteed I will lose the leaflet. ugh! So something for the whole face then, I’m not sure if Id use it all at the same time but looking forward to playing makeup with this. I should also mention Sleek do these kits in 3 shades, light, medium, dark. I chose the dark one as I am darker skin toned and also love my fake tan!

Precious metals highlighting palette

Processed with MOLDIV

Oh lord, this is just stunning, this would definitely not be out of place with the high end products, the casing is smoky  mirrored with a mirror inside you wont be short of a reflection with this one that’s for sure!, it’s also magnetic giving it that extra special feel. and 4 highlighting shades. again this is what each are for:

  • Step 1 (top left) Platinum for under the brow bone
  • Step 2 (top right) Antique bronze tops of cheeks
  • Step 3 (bottom left) Royal gold bridge of nose
  • Step 4 (bottom right) Renaissance gold for cupids bow

They are of a cream consistency so will probably use my finger tips for this. This product again comes in 3 shades, Precious metals, Solstice, and Midas touch. definitely check this one out !.

I-Divine Eye Shadow Pallet in Enchanted Forest


I have a couple of the sleek eye shadow pallet’s and I think this one has been out a while. They are amazing value at £8.99 and the pigmentation of the actual shadows is insane! Ill be honest this one sucked me in for the name alone, seriously I’m a marketers dream, anything shiny with a good name and Ill buy it. I was so excited for this to arrive and when I started reading the names of the shadows I was like …Hang on! these are all related to Cinderella, which I get now why they called the pallet Enchanted Forest..uh! .. I need to share the names as I love it so much, so you get: Glass Slipper, Fairy Godmother, Pumpkin, Anastasia, Beatrice, Grand Duke, Prince Charming, Daphne, Perla, Drizella, Happily Ever After, and Lady Tremaine. …I know right!!. Be still my beating heart 🙂 They are all wearable with a mix of shimmer and matt shadows. I think this would be fab for a night out, and great for Autumn.

Barekissed Illuminator in Pompeii


So I have already tested this on my hand and it is beautiful and smells amazing it comes in a glass bottle and has a pump dispenser and is £8.99 for 30ml – it’s a bargain! Its very shimmery and can be used on cheeks and brow bones and also on the body for that summer glow I am always desperate for. This can also be mixed with foundation which I will probably do for a daytime look. I don’t think you can ever have enough highlighters and would definitely recommend this one.

Candy Tint Lip Balm in Cherry Drop


I seem to be going a bit crazy for Lip Balms at the moment, and so happy I have this one to add to my collection. The price is £6.49 which I think is fair. It’s a sheer lip balm but with a cherry tint, it’s really comfortable to wear without being sticky and has a very glossy finish. It also feels very moisturising, and Sleek advise it contains JoJoba Oil, and Vitamins A, E and C which I like as it makes it feel more than just cosmetic.

So that’s all for now, thank you so much for taking the time to read and visit my blog. Please give this a like and follow for more ramblings from me!









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