Faux Face Freckles Trend and The Real Thing

Hi everyone, wanted to do a bit of chatty blog today – give the cosmetics a rest (literally) and talk about Face Freckles. I’ve noted recently there has been a trend with faux freckles being drawn on which initially had me baffled, but after some thought have had a change of heart.

I have real face freckles – not loads; a scattering over my nose and cheeks and then some random ones, I hardly noticed these at all when I was younger, I never got bullied or teased for these, but as I got older, more and more people started to comment on them, probably because they were more prominent – all nice and complimentary, but this then made me aware that they were on my face and I started thinking if this was the first thing people saw when they looked at me, and the comments made me self-conscious, nothing serious but I was now aware – you can’t win can you,! So I started purchasing full coverage foundations to give me that flawless look to cover them up (Why?!), I also noticed if I went on holiday and was in the sun they would get worse, but by the end of the holiday I would be that tanned they were hardly noticeable which was fine.

My Freckles  (this is way too close!):


In reality there was no need for me to do this and I’m now at the stage where I figured I am not bothered one bit about my freckles; they are part of me and I actually quite like them now, I think they make you look youthful! And being in my 30’s that’s a bonus; but in addition I have to be careful with foundation, so I tend to go for something sheer (ish) or a tinted moisturiser during the day so my skin still shows through but I cover the usual with a good concealer.

So this trend with people now drawing them on in various ways, there are even tutorials on how to do this. I think Topshop even do a Freckle pencil (ha!) I have read quite a few mixed reviews on this trend and some are against this for various reasons. Okay, but surely it’s just a bit of fun right? it’s only makeup! I quite like the idea of this, and make up is supposed to be used for creativity. I’ve seen some really good looks where the freckles actually look real, carry on I say, if anything it gives those who are self-conscious about their natural freckles a boost!

have you got real freckles? what do you think about faux freckles?

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