Clarins Lotus Face Oil | Review


Hello Everyone, it’s that time of night for me to remove my face (you know what I mean :)) and start my night facial routine, which got me thinking I really need to review this product as it is ah-mazing.

It’s the Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil; I have been using this for some time, I’m on my second bottle; but for so long I was looking for something to rehydrate, keep spots away, and give my skin that fresh plump healthy look. I always felt my skin looked dull, yes I need to drink more water …yawn! But I spent a small fortune and tried lots of products that were a bit ‘meh’ until my BFF who is equally obsessed with cosmetics and skin care recommended this.

I have oily/combination skin and I did question that she wanted me to put oil on my already oily skin and spend £32 for pleasure. And I am so so glad I did. This oil is targeted for oily/combination skin and is supposed to rebalance, tighten pores and refine the texture of the skin, it is also made with 100% plant extracts; so free from any of the nasties. The scent of this is like a spa; it is strong but it’s so relaxing! The bottle is 30ml and the dispenser is a glass pipette so feels like a luxury product.


So before I use this I cleanse twice, and tone – I don’t use an eye treatment or moisturiser with this, as I personally don’t feel I need to. I only use two or three drops and then apply to my face, avoiding the eye area – can you imagine getting plant extract oil in your eye, no thanks so I’m careful with this 🙂 the first time I used this I looked in the mirror and looked like a massive oil slick! and thought I’m going to wake up tomorrow with a million spots! ..or worse.

I could not have been more wrong, I woke to the most supple, hydrated, soft skin with not a trace of oil, it was like magic! I felt the difference was dramatic, I was so happy not to mention relieved! My make-up always applies like a dream the morning after using this. And it works like this every time I use it which is 2-3 times a week. Annoyingly I also suffer from those hormonal cystic spots once a month; you know the ones that scream with pain usually on my chin or forehead, and I rub some of this oil into it and it does seem to sooth it quicker.

I love this oil, don’t ever discontinue this Clarins thank you, please!!



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