I got myself some Muji Makeup storage!


Hey everyone, So as you can tell from the title I finally purchased some storage containers for my make-up, and I’m so excited! I know it’s just a clear acylic box but I love them.

I have wanted these ever since I saw them I think on season two of KUWTK, bit cringe but I just thought it looked so freekin tidy and you can see all of the gorgeousness that is your make-up collection.

Seriously they have a storage solution for everything, I got mine about a month ago and paid about £60.00 for the lot, they are pricey but I am justifying it, as my poor make-up has been shoved in the most unorganised way in drawers for years getting damaged and lost.


I have only just taken these out of the box as I have been having a massive re-organisation of clothes, storage and beauty products. I love a good clear out, it really clears my mind ..and has made loads more room.


So I got a 3 draw box, a 2 draw box, 2 x smaller 2 drawer boxes, a lipstick holder, and a pot which I can stack pencils, mascara’s and odd pieces that I dont know what to do with!


To be honest it’s still not organised how I exactly want it but thats only because some of the packaging of my make-up is too big or I have too much and it all dont fit in. But I have managed to fit in the essentials and my fave products that I go to all the time.

The quality of the cases is great, they are really sturdy and dont think these are going to collapse on me any time soon, wont be adding any more yet though as I literally dont have the room.


I believe they pretty much ship items worldwide, so they did take quite a few days to arrive which didnt bother me as I knew it would be a few weeks before I could finally use them, if you would like to check out what they have you can do here.

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