Victoria Beckham for Estee Lauder (VB-Boutique) Bronzer and Lipstick Review

img_4096 img_4091

Hello everyone, I cant explain how excited I am about reviewing the new launch of the Victoria Beckham products I purchased from Estee Lauder. My parcel arrived yesterday and it’s safe to say I nearly swiped the postman’s hand off (I may have even squealed a little bit)

I purchased the bronzer in Java Sun and one of the lipsticks in Chilean Sunset. I would have loved the whole collection but the bank said no! They are very pricey and a real treat, however I can see why. I am a huge fan of VB and EL for that matter and when I heard about this collection coming out I knew it would be amazing. I love VB’s style and think she gets it right every single time. And these products are no exception they are just beautiful quality products and I cannot wait to use them.

As you can see above they were presented and packaged immaculately, in a very chic branded black magnetic box.

Bronzer – Java Sun

IMG_4097.JPG img_4100

This bronzer is matt – I think I’ve said this before but I always go for a matt bronzer, I think it looks way more natural, and prefer any ‘glitz’ to come from my highlight. The packaging is just stunning, the casing is quite heavy, with gold hardware with a black (i think it is leather??) stripe texture cover – I don’t think this is going to get ruined in your handbag, time will tell. It has a good-sized mirror which is also branded with VB and EL’s name. The clasp also has a really nice ‘snap’ so this isn’t going to open in your bag and get ruined (she says). The product itself when I swatched this is really soft, it feels very finely milled and my finger picked up quite a lot of the product – I think it’s quite hard to see this in my pic as I’m quite tanned anyway but I know when I have my foundation/concealer on this is going to be the perfect bronzer for me. The colour is very golden which I think is going to look amazing paired with the Chilean Sunset Lipstick. The bronzer is priced at £48.00 (ouch!)

Lipstick – Chilean sunset

IMG_4099.JPG IMG_4098.JPG

What a beautiful name for a lipstick! does anyone else obsess over lipstick names?! Again this lipstick is matt and extremely pigmented – the swatch is two swipes of the bullet. I’ll be honest the size of this is small as in the casing is very petit, I have another EL lipstick which is standard size so a bit confused about this (especially because of how much I cost!) the casing is in line with EL’s gold stripe texture with a pull off lid, it is also branded with VB on the top of the lid. The product itself is so nice it swatched so easily and I really think it will be long-lasting as I could barely rub this off my arm and it’s still very much stained. The shade is an orange/red and vibrant but not tacky, which is perfect for me, This lipstick retails at £36.00 *feels sick


So to conclude if you can get these I don’t think you will be disappointed!

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